Frequently asked questions

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How does the money back guarantee work?
Very simply, if you're not happy with the quality of the leads within 28 days of your subscription starting you can email us at and we'll refund you the full subscription amount.

How do you find the leads?
We manually track and monitor over 300 different websites, job boards, search results and social media searches for relevant projects that have an email address contact, and we add between 3 and 10 leads to our site every day.

How many other companies are applying for leads?
We currently have just over 150 members, and we close a lead after it has had 5 messages from 5 different companies.

How long does my subscription last?
Your subscription is billed monthly. If you cancel mid-month, you lose your subscription immediately and you won't be billed again. In 1 month we expect around 100-120 new leads.