We need you.

Help hundreds of freelancers and small agencies grow.

Online Marketer - Contract to full-time

You’ll be responsible for driving traffic to our website. Measures of success include creating opportunities to help freelancers and small agencies grow, through media, guest posts, and guest interviews; generating growth for our email list; and driving traffic to our content and brand marketing projects. Like everyone on the team, it’s always your job to help the company meet our growth goals and to treat our customers like they’re the reason we exist (because they are!).

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Brainstorm, create, and manage ad campaigns
  • Write, edit, and send promotional emails; manage the email traffic calendar
  • Pitch traditional and online media on relevant stories to promote the Workroll story or individual marketing projects
  • Pitch podcast hosts of interview shows to appear on their channels
  • Pitch bloggers on guest post ideas to be written by you
  • Publish and promote interesting content for our target audience
  • Republish popular blog articles on appropriate sites to increase reach
  • Schedule social media posts to promote key marketing content and projects
  • Work with the customer success team to promote helpful knowledgebase articles

Apply: hello@workroll.com

Ruby on Rails Developer - Full-time

We’re looking for engineers who empathize with the end-users of our products, care about making the world a better place, and want to be surrounded by people by other like minded individuals. We also expect you to care equally as much about honing your craft, always seeking to learn new and better ways of building and testing features that make a difference. You’ll be responsible for spearheading the development of user interfaces, business logic, and full-stack integrations.

In particular, you'll have:

  • A strong enough grasp of both Ruby itself, as well as the Rails framework, that you can help with code reviews and mentor junior Software Engineers
  • Experience working well in a distributed team environment
  • Outstanding communication skills. You can clearly share ideas with people across a myriad of mediums.
  • Experience building features that matter in an agile development environment
  • You’ve talked to stakeholders to tease out requirements. You’ve written first drafts of code on your own, and made them better with feedback from your teammates. You write elegant, correct, fast, and highly testable code
  • Well-founded opinions that can be verbalized, and yet are able to change your mind based on new information
  • Strong sense of ownership and accountability. We care about results, not who does the work. We are a lean startup. Sometimes we need to get things done, no matter who does it/helps out.

Apply: hello@workroll.com