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Where do freelancers and small agencies find work?

Started in early 2017, was created to help advanced freelancers and small digital agencies grow their client list. There are plenty of options to do this as a new freelancer; Bidding sites, Closed Marketplaces, Word of mouth, and RFP.

But freelance bidding sites are a race to the bottom, with the average project value being just $500. Closed Marketplaces don't give you the freedom and flexibility to manage your own clients and taking 20% commission on projects just isn't feasible for small companies. Word of mouth is clearly the best way to grow your client base, but it can be unpredictable, and hard to scale. RFP's are biased towards very big agencies and only suit companies that can write the best proposal or know the right people.

We're helping small web companies grow faster with high-value leads for exciting new projects. Our average project value is over $10,000. Clients can add their projects, and get matched with the exact kind of freelance or agency their project needs. Freelancers and agencies can contact projects without the typical bidding war, or race to the bottom as is found with most other lead generation platforms.

Vitally, is empowering businesses to own their own relationships and manage their own processes, by not collecting commission and therefore not being part of the transaction or customer service that can only be done well by the people doing the actual work. We're a predictable cost and a valuable partner.