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Re posted with some additional clarifications:
I need some work done on a legacy VB.Net Web Application. The System is built as a Single Page App it is technically a Web Forms system but there is nothing on the markup side and does not use any standard .NET controls. Pages get built by back end VB Code. It also connects to an outdated version of SQL Server (2000). The System is distributed across several servers for various functions though the primary code base on each is the same or similar.
The System is built on X-Asp.Net-Version: 2.0.50727 (VB Code) and writes our pure HTML files to various locations. My former developer assures me that once a .Net Developer gets into the system they will be able to figure it out, but it will seem a bit strange to them in the beginning.
The application is a content management system for website hosting and content syndication. Here are two websites that are created in the environment:
While the content on these sites are identical you can see that when a customer domain is added to an account several of the resources get remapped under their domain. The following resources are examples from the two websites above how resource URLs get rewritten under the customer domain:
What we would like to do in cases like these is have the images always be called from our https address
Because there is some per domain configuration that will need to be done to support https at the customer level we want to offer a way to support resources at the domain level if the customer is willing to pay the set up fee to do so. For this reason, we would like to be able to enable full HTTPS on a per domain level once the set up on the nginx relay servers has been set up.
Here is another domain on our system that has been partially set up with the https relay on nginx
As you can see some of the includes are not getting written to the hosting servers. This is part of the issue we will need to address.
This is just one of the projects (most pressing) that I have regarding this Legacy System and would like to build a relationship with a Freelancer whom I can count on for future projects.
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