Build a web application for a small hospital

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we want to build a nursing intervention application for a small clinic, attached is the mockup UI.
this application will be used by nurse to scan a patient's identity card barcode, if his identity number is found in the database, it will pull out his/her record
Patient name: John Smith
NRIC: S8712345I
Patient age: 31
Gender: Male
Case Number: E1029102
Visit: 5 times
Ward: A1
Bed: 01
Medical Discipline: Non-Drug Allergy
Doctor I/C: Dr. Chia Shi Lu
then the nurses will go on to fill up what kind of problems the patient has by clicking on the health issues in the mockup list given, it will then save into the database and follow up by the doctor later on.
feel free to ask for more clarification by contacting us if you feel you can do it, its a simple one.
we would like the frontend to use either VueJS or ReactJS
backend framework would be javascript Nodejs
we need this by 9th July - $3000.0

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