Web App for intranet use

Ends 2 Mar 2018 (in 6 months)

General information for the website: Web App for internal use that connects to existing (MRP) MS SQL database
Kind of development: New website from scratch
Description of every page/module: I'd like a basic intranet tool for use within the company
Description of requirements/features: We have an internal database / mrp type system using MS SQL, I'd like employees to be able to mostly query the database and see things like all of the active orders and then drill into those orders to see order lines and the status of them.
Extra notes: The solution will be mostly querying data, I have one small application in mind where I will want to write data to the database and that is only updating a value that already exists. Importantly the solution needs to be simple to browse, use and read, going forwards we may want to maintain or modify the solution ourselves.

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