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1. Setup WSO2 API Manager 2.2.x , Identity Server 5.5.x, APIM Analytic 2.2.x
a. Use this as baseline; but MUST change to use PostgreSQL 10.x (or 9.6.x) for all components (API Manager, Identity Server, APIM Analytic)
b. Make sure the Key Management working properly
c. Create one custom account “demo” for demo in (2.)
2. Build a simple demo projects (one for front-end; one for back-end). Demo apps don’t have to be deployed in any Docker container
a. Build simple back-end “Hello” service project (Gradle ,Java, RESTful, using Spring REST and Spring security); send back a message (Hello
b. Configure “Hello” service into API Manager so that it can be consume by end-user (c. below)
c. Build a simple java web app (Gradle, Java, Spring framework) project to authenticate against Identity Server (in 1.). The authentication must use OpenID Connect. When user (“demo”) successfully authenticate, must obtain & show JWT token; use JWT to invoke “Hello” service published at API Manager. The successful operation must show Hello
message from back-end service.
d. Show on Analytic number of API call increase properly everything “Hello” service called from API Manager
3. Deliverables
a. Docker project which include; must include all file
b. Demo projects (font-end, back-end)
c. Technical note shows how to setup (2.b) (2.c) (2.d)
d. Demonstrate the demo is properly working that include (2.a), (2.b), (2.c), (2.d) - $750.0

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