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Hi This is a SaaS application that provide business owner the capabilities to send design documents to a client and maintain the status / approval of this designdocument , similar to workflow engin , the ultimate goal is to allow business to share design documents and have clients to comment and approve the proposed design.
Accessibility -
User login
User sign up
User reset password
Two factor authentication support
Business logic -
Business owner register and sign up
Business owner create profile
Business owner maintain client DB
Business owner share proposed design to a client ( thru email , link or WhatsApp)
Support the communication (documents exchange) between business and clients
Document status ( when the document was last seen by the client )
Document approval cycle ( document must a Pre defined approval procedure)
Document update notification thru email
Document update notification thru SMS
Application must list and search thru all produced documents
Technologies requirements -
Microservices architecture
We’ll document code style
Back-end on nodejs
Front-end on vuejs / React
DB nosql
Responsive front end
please don't bid in this project without estimated finish time
thanks - $750.0

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