Voucher-House Website and Progressive Web App

For $3,000 — Ends 13 Jul 2018

Please read this carefully and consider if you have the skills and experience necessary to complete this project then take some time to write a short proposal summarising your experience and why we should choose you to do this work. (if you just send us a link to other projects with no explanation of how they relate to our project your bid will be rejected)
We need a website and progressive web app to support a new business venture. To be considered for this project you MUST have experience in working to Google's Material Design principles, and you MUST be able to show us a Progressive Web App that you've written in the past that includes service workers. Our PWA includes a QR code reader, so experience in connecting to device APIs will be required.
There are 5 modules in the project. A responsive website; a merchant hub, a voucher builder module, a scheduling module; a Progressive web app. A back-end API is already in place for you to build against.
There will be 3 milestones:
1 - Design Milestone - You'll present you designs for all versions/pages based on our specification and Material Design principles
2 - Implementation Milestone - First pass at working system for us to test
3 - Project Completion Milestone
There will be a US$ 250.00 discretionary bonus for a project that we feel is exceptionally good.
Good luck
Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in this project. Some have asked for details of the API - the link is included in the documents but just in case you can't find it, here is the URL https://api.voucher-house.com/apidoc/ (the API is fully working, but for development purposes only) - $3000.0

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