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A script written to setting advert prices to check / scrape every few seconds and automatically match or slightly beat the price offered on selected pages. Must be able to run in non windows ( MAC OS ) environment.
There is no fee to sign up an account at [https://localbitcoins.com/register/?ch=68x8] to test etc .....
Needs to run on MAC OS and be pre compiled ready to run. It will be tested in a stand-alone environment.
Stand alone software
Able to (Via API calls to Localbitcoins.com - https://localbitcoins.com/api-docs/)
Scrape any page or pages specified (listed in a text file for ease)
Example pages to be scraped would be
Would need to be able to determine the lowest price offered on a page, from an individual trader or group of traders … and either match or beat the prices as set (and can be changed as required)
Should also have an option to define upper and lower limit so that it does not get stuck in a loop
Again a simple text file for configuration would be great
This needs to work for both buying and selling.
So I hope to have configuration text files that I can input any URL from Localbitcoins.com and match a price or beat it both buying and selling bitcoins automatically …
Example 1
I enter (into a text / configuration file)
It scrapes the page every 30 – 60 seconds and it then sets (via API call) the price on my advert that I specify
This can be updated by API call.
Example 2
I pick an individual advert to match
It scrapes the page and sets my advert to the same, or beats it by a configurable amount.
There must be upper and lower limits. So I can set do not go below XXX or above XXX when both buying and selling.
It would only need to do this task and should not interact in the actual sales process ( when a trade is opened there is no requirement to automate ) - £750.0

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