Image Compression and zstd compression on IIS and Classic ASP technologies

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Title : Lossless image compression for a Web Application
Problem: We have about 3 Million Images spread across multiple directories on a windows 2012 server. Most of these images are not optimised for web. Because of this we are experiencing bandwidth bottlenecks. Also the heavy images slow down the page loading.
Solution: Implement the Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm so that all images uploaded to the server are optimised. Facebook uses this technology and it is very effective considering the terabytes images that Facebook handles on a daily basis.
Here is the link to the open source software :
Your deliverable: 1) develop a processes that will iterate through all the user uploaded images in our system and compress it using the zstd open source software. Quality of the images must not be compromised in any way.
2) Modify our web interface to use the zstd compression when user uploads an image.
You must be:
1) Familiar with image compression and optimisation for the web.
2) An expert in developing console applications that run on WIN2012 servers
3) Familiar with IIS and Classic ASP technologies. - $750.0

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