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Ends 5 Mar 2018

Loco2's mission is to make booking trains anywhere in Europe as easy and affordable as possible, from epic international adventures to everyday local commutes. Our booking coverage is unrivalled and growing.
We’re hiring two experienced web developers to join our existing team of six, where you’ll help rebuild the front-end of our website into a modern single-page application using React. We know React is a new technology, and we’re willing to consider anyone with demonstrable JavaScript experience and a desire to learn and grow.
At Loco2 we care deeply about building an inclusive, open and supportive work environment. We behave with respect for people and the planet and are seeking a diverse range of candidates that share these values.
About us
We're a small, passionate and cosmopolitan team, with a healthy remote-first culture and an office based in London. Our success is built on trust, empathy and shared knowledge, with our users at the centre of what we do. We're proud to have an average rating of 9.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot after 22,000 reviews.
We’ve been selling tickets since 2012 (read our full story here), and we’re growing rapidly as the business matures. Our goal is to scale effectively whilst continuing to delight our users.
Why join us?
We have high codings standards, and follow best practices such as continuous testing and delivery
We strive to learn and improve together in a supportive environment as the wider tech ecosystem evolves
Our team enjoys a healthy work-life balance and don’t think caffeine-fuelled all-nighters are a good way to grow a company that’s built to last
We offer flexible hours and a well-designed remote working culture built on trust. Work around your schedule and when you’re most productive
Our days are not full of meetings and needless distractions, allowing others to achieve flow is a big part of supporting each other
Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, think creatively and suggest new working practices, we have a small team so your voice will be heard
You will be provided with a laptop and are empowered to make changes that improve your working environment
Tech stack and role description
We’re transitioning our traditional multi-page application to a React-powered single-page application so our customers can enjoy a fast, reliable and consistent experience across all of their devices.
This role is focused on that challenge, working with experienced members of our existing team to help us separate concerns and scale effectively without succumbing to the potential pitfalls of a microservices approach.
The new front-end will use modern technologies, including React, TypeScript, Redux and modular CSS. We know React is a new technology, and we’re willing to consider anyone with demonstrable JavaScript experience and a desire to learn and grow, with Ruby experience as a nice-to-have.
Whilst we don’t expect you to be a master of the following technologies, our current software stack consists of:
A Ruby library for communicating with train booking APIs
A traditional multi-page web application written in Ruby on Rails, using CoffeeScript and SCSS
AWS hosted Docker infrastructure, with continuous delivery
A hybrid iOS app written in Swift
A hybrid Android app written in Kotlin
About you
An ideal candidate:
Has 3+ years of professional web development experience
Deep knowledge and experience of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and ideally Ruby (or a similar server-side language)
Is excited about the future of the web platform, the ever evolving JavaScript ecosystem and is motivated to help Loco2 adopt modern front-end technologies and processes
Takes pride in their craft and adheres to industry best practices such as testing, code linting, peer review and clean modular maintainable code
Has a keen appetite appetite for self-improvement and growth, but doesn't hesitate to ask for help when needed
Strives to discover and understand the root cause of problems, suggesting new and improved solutions, rather than treating the symptoms
Is fluent in English and confident communicating and sharing complex information and learnings with both technical and non-technical team members
Can work hours that have some overlap with London daytime
Is motivated by Loco2's mission

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How to apply
Email and tell us about your skills and experience, plus include links to any relevant public repositories. You can send a CV if you want, but we particularly like reading a well-written email instead/as well.
Unfortunately we can currently only accept applications from within the EU (including the UK).
There are some specific questions we'd like you to answer (feel free to be brief if you’d prefer to elaborate in other areas):
What are some of the most challenging/interesting programming tasks you have worked on?
Why do you want to work for Loco2?
What country and timezone do you live in?
What are your approximate salary expectations? (please state currency)
We welcome applications from everybody, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.
To try to make the hiring process as fair as possible, if we are interested in your application, then you'll be asked to complete a programming challenge which is judged anonymously. We deliberately anonymise responses to this task in order to mitigate any inherent biases in this regard.
Our emphasis is on finding somebody with demonstrable skills rather than somebody who is good at self-marketing. This process helps us focus on that.
Please note that we do not respond to approaches from recruitment agencies, and emails will be marked as spam.

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