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Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 6 months)

General information for the business: RoBAT Ltd designs and manufactures test equipment for backplanes
Kind of development: New program from scratch
Description of requirements/functionality: Template Generator (TG) is a standalone desktop application which allows a customer or in house engineer to create Templates for use in Programming Station and RoBAT Software. These templates define an item which appears on a backplane of which the majority of them will be connectors but could also be resistors, capacitors, coding keys etc.
When loading the software must have a database login so that we can keep track of the person who entered the information for the template. This is a simple access data base stored in the folder that the EXE is in and contains the following fields
• User ID
• Username
• Password
• First Name
• Surname
• Company
Please see uploaded PDF document with full specification and requirements.
OS requirements: Windows
Extra notes:

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