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Website url:
Information for the blog/website: We are a SAAS (software as a service) platform for content intelligence
Industry: Technology
Num. of web pages: 4
Description of every page: Dear Copywriters,
I am a startup that is challenged by his mentors and accelerators to explain his startup idea in less time every week. And every time my presentation gets shorter, my audience seems to get more puzzled on what does our platform exactly do.
After over 4 months of weekly presentations, we have created an explainer video that best explains what we do an uploaded it to youtube and our landing page. I do encourage you to go to the youtube link below and check it out before you proceed with the reading.
After showing the video to our mentors, accelerators and audience. We got a lot of interest from people, everyone seems to like it, but unfortunately we found that the video is a little misleading or let's say a little over promising. After watching the video and attending our keynote presentation, the audience's expectations were a lot higher than what our platform delivers.
So what personafier actually does, it gives you topics that are trending among your target persona to help you create better engaging content, saving you a lot of money spent on the wrong content built on assumptions.
The explainer video is great, but for some reason people think that our platform either shows them content example to use or even build the content for them automatically.
While trying to resolve this mis-understanding we have stumbled upon a terminology that best describes what we do in two words "Content Intelligence". Digging a little deeper we found an article and a solution that have descriptions close enough to want personafier does, and we would like your professional help in re-writing our landing page content and the video script to include the term "content intelligence".
We would also like to use your help in writing 3 articles (500 words each) that addresses our potential customer pains.
1- How to make persona based marketing work by listening to what your audience want
2- Trouble with your content strategy? Which explains why building your content strategy on client assumptions often does not yield great results.
3- Build content based on what you KNOW about your target persona, not what you think. "Don’t build your strategy on false believes / assumptions"
We know that this task requires the copywriter to educated him/herself about the subject, this is why we would like to build a long term relation with the copywriter awarded this job. And once comfortable with the subject we will welcome article suggestions and proactive work and pay for it.
Tone: Formal/Professional
Outline & Structure: We would like our content to be written un UK English, preferably by a native English copywriter. Marketing background and knowledge is a definite plus.
We will share our keynote presentations and other material after engaging you on the job.
Extra notes:

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