Looking for a Director of Software Engineering to lead our development team

Ends 27 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

About You:
We are looking for a Director of Software Engineering to lead our development team. An ideal candidate would:
* Have the ability to lead, teach, and contribute to a small, focused team* Have the ability to delegate tasks, monitor progress, and assist when needed* Have experience turning business requests into working software* Have the ability to communicate directly with clients, partners and publishers* Enjoy improving production processes (log shipping, monitoring, etc) and infrastructure* Have the desire to automate everything
In this position you will be leading the software development team. You will be expected to be the lead contributor on the team, while also managing and teaching the other members of the team. You will work on everything from adding a new OAuth integration to debugging a server to find out why it is out of disk space and everything in between.
About Us:
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Desired Skills:
* Rails/Ruby* Java/Go* Docker/Docker Compose* Production AWS experience (Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, Lambda, IAM, S3, SQS)* Knowledge of how distributed systems work* Passionate about software development
Preferred Skills:
* Ability to work effectively in several programming languages* Attention to detail and a desire to understand how things work* Experience with breaking a monolith into microservices* Experience with Kubernetes
Other Info:
* We cannot accept remote employees at this time. You must be able to work in our Plano, TX office.* We cannot offer work visa sponsorship at this time.
To Apply:
Send your resume, your salary expectations and a paragraph about your favorite programming language (and why) to

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