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I am an avid rafter/boater and I am interested in picking up cancelled river permits on recreation.gov. These permits are difficult to obtain and are normally issued via a lottery system in February and March when all available dates are issued to lottery winners. However, many permit lottery winners are unable to use their permit and therefore cancel their trip. When this occurs, the permit launch date becomes avilable to book on recreation.gov and the date changes from R (Reserved) to A (Available). Normally, it requires constant refreshing of the site to detect these cancellations as there is no notification.
I am looking to develop an application or bot that monitors recreation.gov and will send an alert, email and/or SMS when a cancellation occurs and a permit becomes available during specific date ranges. If this works, I a follow on project would be to create an automatic reserveation when the permit becomes available. recreation.gov has an API into its database, details can be found here: http://usda.github.io/RIDB/ - $750.0

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