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Hey guys,
we are a startup and searching a very high-motivated information scientist with a lot of time until the first three steps are done. After that it would be great(but not necessary) if he stays on our site for some irregular updates of the program. The program should be a learningplatform for every pokerplayer with the ambition of earning money. In the last 8 month we build the foundation to do so and now its time to make the software of that.
We have an algorithmus to get GTO(=Game-Theoretical-Optimum) solutions of the game. We used these results with some own mathmodels to finally build some powerpoint-sheets which shows you how to play poker at approx. any situation(=Position, Flop, Turn and River).
First step is that we wanna take these associated powerpoint-sheets(close to 2000) into a standalone-Microsoft/Mac app.
Second step would be a rating system for the users via a quiz-system with two sub-categorys. All answers of the questions will be find on the specific sheet.
First category is the freestyle-mode: They should get the opportunity to select each category where they wanna get better like: category "2Bet-Flop-Range-EV" or "Turn-Runouts".
Second category should be like a videogame: They can fight through some levels and each one have harder questions in form of "deeper" questions, more necessary accuration for a "right" answer and so on.
Third step should be that the program will interact with a server. The goal behind this is that the users can register with there accounts and have there own results of the quiz saved.
Also we want to induce a securitysoftware like "VMProtect" which couples the key with there machine key.
If you comply with the requirements and got a lot of energy than feel free to write us! - €2000.0

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