Automation of data processing and data visualization

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We are a marketing research agency and create data analysis reports on a daily basis. We have standard research methodologies (for example a standard set of questions with which we test TV advertising).
We would like to automate the process of data processing and data visualization:
Input a set of raw data with standardized structure.
The tool automatically processes the raw data into aggregated data (%s) and fills in standardized set of chars in PPT with this data.
Ideally the tool will have the following characteristics:
Many chart types available for each type of variable
Option to predefine a standard set of output charts per methodology and save this as a template
Flexibility within the template – sometimes a question may have 5 answers, sometimes – 8 answers
Option to add ad hoc questions to this template for specific research projects. These will be of the same variable types and chart types as all the rest, but will be defined each time by the researcher
Option to filter the data (ex., the data charted only for men, only for women or in a comparison)
Integrated statistical testing (statistically significant differences between pairs of %s, statistician will be involved as a consultant)
Option to add data processing functionalities – nets, averages, etc. (we can explain this in detail during discussions)
Charts directly transferrable and adaptable in PPT, or created in PPT
We are open to discuss which software/program for development of the tool will work best.

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