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For $750 — Ends 26 May 2018 (in 3 months)

We need a custom quoting script to work with existing site. We are currently on a Wordpress site and have the option of Woocommerce but it is not currently being utilized.
This is the steps we need for the script to take and want it on an AJAX style instant populating form. This needs to be developed on a javascript stack so that we can integrate
it with another piece of software we are currently developing at a later time.
User Selects from AJAX drop down form (instant populating options and drop boxes) Brand, Model, Color of device they have needing repair.
Backend collects data from our distributors site(s) that are on Magento. If they need to open an API or any type of access for us, this can likely be accomplished from them. Sample distributor site is:
Backend takes the pricing data for the part cost from the previously provided distributor link and sets a base cost amount. From a backend admin page we have imputable defined fields where we can set markup rates for
each service type:
In-Store (Example markup: $30 over cost of part)
Mail-in (Example markup: $20 over cost of part)
Pickup & Dropoff (Example markup: $45 over cost of part)
On-site (Example markup: $40 over cost of part)
Options load into thumbnail selections for the user.
User selects service type from options in-store, pickup/dropoff, mail-in, onsite where the page list the different pricing options for each service. It gives total including tax (Tax rate definable from admin)
User then selects from available timeslots for an appointment. This can be custom developed OR as we prefer, is handed off to another application such as Bookly -- only condition is that
they don't have to re-fill out info or selections about product/service.
Customer makes payment, preferably through the previously mentioned Bookly system.
If this can be made to work "with" woocommerce where the distributors catalog is scheduled to sync at defined intervals, that would be ideal.
Is required so we understand how everything works
25% funded upfront
50% funded upon working demo
25% funded once fully working to satisfaction
100% released once code and intellectual property released signed are sent to us
If you bid, this is your final price bid and not subject to changing later. If you need a "placeholder" bid so you can discuss project, then update your bid
after we talk then please place your bid at "$25" so we know its not accurate. If we award you the bid, we will not fund the milestone(s) until you accept
the project.
We will require all necessary contracts to be signed/notarized for intellectual property release for exclusive ownership rights - $750.0

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