Raspberry PI+ Video cloud Player

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I need a developer to create a Linux software (iso image) that I can burn on a micro chip to use with a Raspberry Pi+. The software needs to have a log in and password when first started so the client can log on to there account. This software will then play the video that was created for that user. There must be a software that sits on a hosting account like host gator that will have all database and folders for the user and admin cp panel is a must so I can change, add, upload file, info for users on the hosting account. In the server the video file will be inside each user folder named playlist etc...so the software on the raspberry pi can download and play the video in a loop non stop, but the software needs to always update when there is a new video uploaded.This can be done by the cpanel by clicking publish or anyway possible after uploading new files. All files needs to download it to the raspberry pi sd card for playing no streaming for each user.
I need the following.
1. Client on raspberry and web based software on hosting account to control videos playing on TV using a raspberry to play videos.
2. The web based software must be compatible with apple, pc and android.
web based admin panel must open clean on all platform including tablets and reposition correctly to manage each account correctly.
HTML5 etc....
***** Web based software must do the following
add , delete, edit user info
upload files to playlist
create playlist
& publish to raspberry linked to it for downloading and playing locally on device.
3.Webbased: Add users & delete , upload files and create playlist then publish
so the raspberry PI can get the new video file update and play it.
This will be like a database to keep all files and users account.
4. files format.... h264, mp4, jpg, tiff, png - $750.0

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