Edit A couple of my EA

For $12 — Ends 24 Jul 2018 (in 3 days)

$100 budget
(1) EA under some software
(2) EA hedging lots of market positions
(3) EA Aco
(4) EA johnjak
Task= EA under some software, EA hedging lots of market positions, and EA Aco
(1) Refresh volume increment after 1st pending order has been triggered
(2) EA needs to constantly update and refresh pending volumes making sure its glitch free from producing more volumes on open positions than volumes pending that there they will always be more volumes pending vs volumes on open positions.
(3) SL, TP, and trailing stop.
Task= EA johnjak
I need you to add another feature to EA Johnjak in the inputs option and the
(1) Robot is placing orders on the highs only
(2) Robot is placing orders on the lows only
(3) Trailing stop
(C) Add SL, TP, and tailing stop feature on all EA(s) - $12.0

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