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Whom are we looking for?
BlueOptima is seeking a Contractor with deep expertise in C# and/or JavaScript to fulfil a short-term contract position working on BlueOptima’s innovative Predictive Assessment developer tests. The contract will adapt a set of Tests which test aspects of a software developers’ competency and capability
in programming generally as well as aspects specific to the targeted programming languages. It is not expected that a contractor will have sufficient experience in both C# and JavaScript and so contractors with a specialism in either language are relevant to the opportunity.
What does the role involve?
To adapt the existing tests written for Java Language to cover C# and/or Javascript.
The problem statement or tasks set for developers will cover the following areas:
• Algorithms & Data Structures
• Black Box Testing
• Unit Testing
• I/O Management
• Cache & Memory Management
• Using Third Party Code
• Debugging
Each language will require approximately 20 problem statements or tasks in order to test developers
It is anticipated that the length on contract will be 6-8 weeks and requires working at BlueOptima’s London offices near Waterloo. Please note, as you will work closely with the CTO and MD, remote working is not possible for this contract position.
Javascript, C#

No Equity
Visa Sponsorship
Not available

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