Intigrate diffrent Windows Form in our Windows Form

For $750 — Ends 21 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

Hey, we are looking for someone to intigrate nicehash legacy source code in our Windows Form
(Nicehash Legacy itself is a windows form, but a bit old).
We have attached a simplified version( of our windows form and the link to nicehash legacy source code. (Below)
We suggest you go true the mining process first to understand how it works. You can download it at link below and use it once to understand how it works.
In the bitcoin adress you can write any bitcoin adress or just a random one like this one
Application Download/Information:
Source Download:
Your job would be to get the following features out of nicehash legacy source code and implement it in our windows form (Download in attachments) :
Prepare software
-download the necesery files(miners, etc) and give us the event so we can display a loading bar
-the typical checking for devices and everyting what nicehash needs to prepare itself (
-make configs files if dont already exist. Give return the path of this confige files, so we can edit them ourselfs. The confige files are:
-benchmark_...For each divces
Start / stop mining
-Progress bar
-If cancled continue or start again
- €750.0

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