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Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this forum. Anyway i want to make it short and straight to the point i am only interested in serious people who are willing to be dedicated and who also have extensive knowledge of creating a website that involves cryptos and coding around it.
I am looking for people who are able to create a website for me that can be functional for other users to trade - buy/sell crypto currencies off. As for this i need multiple coders and designers, here is a list of what i have been told to allocate people to sorry if the information is slightly misleading i am not too good with this myself.
i need a full stack web developer to cover both front end and back end of the website that will be used for relatively large use the front end web developer is to put the design into place and provide a user interface and a back end web developer to provide the core web application server code (anything inner-system related) now i know a full stack web developer is capable of doing this whole thing.
But the trouble is can i really find one? I hope so! I also need software engineers to link specific things to eachother - credit card details/login details to validate it and for funds to be wired to a specific place and for the crypto currency the customer has paid for to show up in their wallets.
Saying this i will also need a very good and reliable security system as a lot of money will be travelling through this website. Anyway this is all i have to say please get in contact with me
thank you for spending the time to read this and i hope to hear from a couple of you soon! This project is medium - large but i am willing to go even further to develop this so please dont be turned away from the budget shown.
Reference website: - £5000.0

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