Software developer to create program to check availability on website from spreadsheet

For $20 — Ends 17 Aug 2018 (in 2 days)

I have a spreadsheet of 40,000+ items. The supplier gives me that list but does not tell me the current quantities available on THAT list because the availability changes moment to moment. They do however let me check individual item availability one by one on their website. I want someone to create a program to check that spreadsheet against their website and put if the item is available or not. Some are back ordered, some have a few available, and some are readily available.) I just need a better understanding of whats currently available. Things that are currently back ordered will LIKELY continue to be back ordered and items that are available are LIKELY to continue to be available. I prefer to use Telegram for communication but just about anything works. I will pay in ETC, BTC, paypal, etc. Whatever works best for both of us. submitted by /u/TheBird47 [link] [comments]

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