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I need to develop an out of the box software system. I would like this software to be developed for Windows, and be web based.
City Licensure Product - ERP/CRM System
• Login for customer (for instance user paying electric bill):
 Area to register if not a registered user
 Area to sign up for services if not yet a customer.
o Customer is emailed once a month, before due date to be reminded to pay.
o Customer has option of electing to receive email copies of bill instead of paper.
o Can sign up for auto-payment
o Customer can order service requests, change their address, or cancel service
• Web Interface (What the website will show):
 Area to register if not a registered user - sets up what services are available for payments
 Area to sign up for services….
 Quick payment option with no need to login
• Back Office login for Client (for instance an electric company):
o Area for reports, total payments made by customer, web payment usage
o Dashboard; easy to navigate.
• Back Office (Administration):
o Ability to distinguish payments, (For example know if payment was made for an electric company client verses an apartment complex.
o See total transactions by type
o Show current revenue streams
o Area to setup new clients, remove clients
o Ability to manually accept payments from clients (for example person paying electricity bill) and assign to clients (for instance an electric company). - $750.0

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