Bulk SMS Portal Required

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The requirement is to replicate www.bulksms.co.za and the set up.
This would for now, only be for use in South Africa, but also looking at the UK market.
We’d need a website and front-end system for clients to log in and purchase credits etc……, based on our set pricing.
Full back-end reporting requirements based on the outcomes etc.,. will provide screen shots of how this will look and provide you with an existing log-in for another account.
Need a brief of how to set this up with telephony carriers here in SA.
We have a 250 meg fibre line uncapped, in at present for this.
What do you require from your side to enable you to build the site and system to be able to send the sms.
We are also looking at AVM functionality.
In addition, we have 12 USB SIM machines, each of which is 16 port.
The idea is to use the aforementioned fibre line to send sms.
We use SMSDeliverer software and SMSCaster for this.
You need to integrate the system to allow the sms to be sent. - R10500.0

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