Database application for a Ugandan Tea Grower and Manufacturer

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We are looking to move our day to day bookkeeping to a database in order to simplify operations and reduce errors.
Our primary operation is the running of a tea factory. This factory is supplied with unprocessed tea leaves (Green Leaf) from our own tea estates, other tea estates that we manage, independent tea growers who have registered with us, and Green Leaf Agents, who have their own network of tea growers.
This database will:
1. Manage the details of our registered Growers, allowing these details to be edited and the addition of new Growers as needed.
2. Change the price paid to the Growers for their Green Leaf (this price is set week to week, depending on the global tea commodities market).
3. Generate the weekly list of payments due to our Growers.
4. Track each Grower’s Inputs account
a. Automatically deduct the grower’s input contribution from their weekly pay and save the value to the grower’s Inputs Account.
b. Deduct the value of any issued inputs from the grower’s Inputs Account
c. (UI) Provide a screen where a grower’s Inputs Account and any Inputs issued to them can be checked, and allowing for the issuing of new Inputs.
5. Track each Grower’s Advances account
a. Automatically deduct advance repayments from grower’s weekly pay
b. (UI) Provide a screen where a grower’s Advances Account and any Advances issued to them can be checked, and allowing for the issuing of new Advances, and the setting of an agreed upon repayment.
c. Provision for voluntary repayments
6. Manage the details of Grower Agents, allowing these details to be edited and the addition of new Growers as needed, as well as setting and updating the Green Leaf price paid to each Agent.
7. Generate the weekly payment list for Grower Agents
8. Manage the Managed Estates’ details (Plots, acreage), the details of the Managed Estates’ owners, setting and updating the Green Leaf Price per Estate.
9. Generate the payment list for the owners of the Managed Estates
10. Manage the details of our own Estates (plots, acreage)
11. Allow for the export into Excel of a performance report for each estate, and for the Registered Growers, showing the performance (Green Leaf / acre) of each plot/grower. In the Grower’s case, correlate this data to with the issuing of inputs.
12. Generate the daily Factory Report, detailing Green Leaf Processed, Quantity of Made Tea by grade, various technical readouts, the details of any stoppages, and the Wheighbridge Report (For each Green Leaf delivery, the wheight of the full and empty lorry, as recorded by the wheighbridge).
Due to the end users’ unfamiliarity with database software, the database frontend’s UI must allow all operations to be conducted without manipulation of the database’s objects. In this regard, the frontend should be closer to a website’s than to a traditional database UI.
The database must also allow for local backups (at least of the database’s backend) to be created onto a separate portable hard drive.
We have no preference as to which software is used to build either the backend or the frontend, though ideally we would prefer (this is by no means obligatory) that the database come packaged as an independent app, or as an Access database.

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