Develop Next version of backup script in Python

For $1,500 — Ends 12 Jul 2018

Dear professional,
We are looking for python ninja to develop the Next version of out backups script. The project is an open-source project developed in house. The script is written in python and runs on Linux currently with python 2.7 and 2.6.
We want to:"
1- Fix a few issues that the script has.
2- Make it compatible with Windows Servers and Desktop files and MSSQL server.
3- Develop new features for windows and for Linux.
4- Create deployment (preferably Ansible/python) and automatic upgrade scripts.
5- Migrate from Old bash script to new script on MANY servers.
The project can be found here:
The requirements are simple, but strict. for instance no frameworks aside from standard libraries unless there is no choice. This last one is just to serve as example.
Very important: Before you apply, please try to install the project and provide feedback on your application about if it works, problems, thought on the software, etc.
Abel - $1500.0

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