Solutions Architect

For $50 — Ends 11 Jul 2018

We are looking for a person we can define architecture of systems delivered in context of specific references.
Ideal candidate would have:
1. Passion for cross platform technologies and love solving tech puzzles.
2. Be willing to learn, adapt to, and utilize new technologies
3. Knowledge of Agile, Continuous Delivery and TDD principles
Work process:
> We have a specific software requirement.
> We describe to you the problem without going through technology aspects.
> You offer solution with options to solve that requirement.
> You further describe the solution covering suggested features and technology aspects.
Think of it as house architecture. We tell you we need a duplex house. It should look something like neighbors building but not similar. You give us a glimpse of end product and what it takes. Based on team inputs, you change a few details till we are happy with it. This goes to software engineers (builders).
We primarily target web and mobile. Can stretch to desktop softwares.
We are looking for a genius to work as bridge between us and the tech team. - $50.0

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