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Ends 10 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We are a property / block management company specializing in full blocks of flats and mixed houses/flat estates looking to have a custom module built to help us manage our work using the Dolibarr ERP software.
We are in the process of deploying a Dolibarr installation with a number of plugin modules which will help us work with our clients, properties, units, leaseholders / owners, contractors, tenants/residents, letting agents, solicitors and other contacts and assets.
We want to deliver an efficient, joined-up way of working for all of those people plus our team in the office and in the field.
Whilst there are plugin modules available to help us with many functions, such as the custom fields we need, mapping, template letters etc, we don’t currently see there being functionality that will help us:
• Work with the entities mentioned above and link them together in the way our business works
• Apply detailed permissions so that only the appropriate information is viewable and only relevant functionality available
• Integrate with our accounting software and back-end database*
• Integrate with our back-end database*
• Allow us to add some workflow, email integration and job allocation / billing steps to our support ticket / case management system
*Integration with the marked systems by nightly data transfer would be acceptable.
A fuller specification is available on request; we would also welcome your comments.
One of the most important requirements is that we want to maintain the site in an efficient way, so we do not want to hack any Dolibarr or plugin module code. We would like a dedicated single comprehensive plugin module to handle all the functionality that we need which isn’t covered by existing modules. We would want it to be coded with PHP and Dolibarr best practice in mind, with clean safe PHP 7.x coding standards in use.
As long as all the functionality we need is delivered, we would be comfortable with the module being developed for the property industry as a whole on a non-exclusive basis and sold on the open market. In this case we would contribute towards development, with you giving some of your time too and you having full rights to sell the module in any way you wish (as long as it does not include any of our company details or data).
Alternatively we may be able to consider a straightforward arrangement of paying for your time and expertise. In this case we would have full rights to the module and we would still want it developed in a non-company specific way so that we can resell it.
Either way, we see the development of this module as the start of a potentially long-term working relationship in order to maintain the module to keep pace with other parts of the Dolibarr ecosystem evolving around it.
In order to ensure the best possible ongoing partnership we may request a sample piece of code (not related to this project) and will be shortlisting candidates week commencing 19th February 2018.
Thank you.

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