SMS welcoming service integration

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It is required to integrate an SMS welcoming service into an online social portal in accordance with the following terms
1. Service Details:
a. The portal in use is based on code ignitor and has several pages - Including CMS - where the internet users can input their credentials and register to be contacted later by the portal admin.
b. The SMS welcoming service will be an optional service to be activated individually from the CMS pages
c. A welcoming SMS is only triggered if the user logs his credentials in a page where a welcoming (customizable) SMS has been set by the portal admin.
d. The service will be activated and set-up individually for each page from the CMS
e. The service activation will be done from the “edit” page by a checkbox and the inputting of the following fields:
i. Maximum number of messages
ii. Message content (with customizable fields)
iii. Maximum number of characters to be used by each generic field inserted in the content
f. SMS sender is set by the SMS service provider.
2. SMS trigger:
a. Registry of a new internet user entry with a phone number
b. No verification on the number format
3. SMS content:
a. SMS content for each page is entered in the page’s respective CMS page.
b. The SMS content is entered separately for the English and Arabic versions of each page.
c. SMS content supports the use of 3 generic fields [First name] [Last name] [Country] which if enabled will be retrieved from the entry submitted by the internet user.
d. SMS Message content is limited to 160 characters in English and 140 Characters in Arabic
4. SMS log:
a. Portal CMS: the Dashboard of the portal shall contain two columns where one states if the subscriber was contacted via SMS and the other states the response acquired from the SMS service provider upon SMS initiation (this information should be captured from the integrated SMS gateway partner). - $750.0

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