Development and design help needed for a new Android and iOS app

For $3,000 — Ends 5 Jul 2018

Great opportunity for a skilled app developer and designer. Looking for not only a solid developer but for someone who can also give creative feedback with the UI as well.
Need the apps functional on both Android and iOS.
I am developing a reward system for businesses that allow their customers or clients to acquire digital tokens in exchange for performing actions online that help promote the business. There will be 2 different apps developed. One for the business to monitor their clients activity and set the token value for each activity. And one app for the customer/client to perform the actions through. The developer must be able to:
- Multiple businesses can be registered and an identifier code generated for their clients to connect the customer/client app to their account
- Connect the customer app to a specific Facebook page and allow the customer/client to write a review, share posts, like or react, comment, and check-in through the app
- Scan QR code that automatically performs a "check-in" on Facebook on the businesses page
- Connect the customer app to Google and allow posting a review through the app
- Connect the customer app to an Instagram page and allow engaging through the app
- Store all data on a mySQL server database online
- Ability for push notifications - custom messages to all corresponding customers/client, or individual
- Design a easy to use and visually appealing interface
- Business App Menu
- Registration page - enter clinic details
- Login
- Dashboard showing total customers/clients connected, total social engagements broken down by activity, total tokens (unused or spent), a live feed of all customers/clients activity
- View User activity - ability to filter by date or user or activity performed
- View unused tokens / or spent tokens - filter by date or user
- Customize value of each activity to adjust how many tokens are applied
- Customer Client App Menu
- Registration page - Business Identifier, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email
- Login
- Dashboard - tokens earned, star rating
- View all past activity - filter by activity or date
- Count tokens based on the values of each activity performed
- Write Facebook review on businesses page
- Engage on the businesses Facebook page - post, share, comment, like/react
- Engage on the businesses Instagram page - post, share, comment, like/react
- Write Google review
- Pay - set value to pay with pay button and record payment on businesses activity log
- A customer star rating system based on amount of activity performed - up to 5 stars
- resets every month to 1 star so they are encouraged to engage regularly
I can go into more detail if there is any questions. - $3000.0

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