create the image of my personal brand, for Instagram & Facebook profiles and Wordpress website

For $750 — Ends 30 Jun 2018

I am looking for a logo/brand image/ a simple style guide from icons, fonts and colours to use, and a structured Wordpress website. I am happy to buy the template separately. The purpose is to communicate the services I offer, both in Portuguese and English:Travel Conselling / Hosting of Workshops, Events & Transformational Experiences/ consultancy to small accommodations and restaurants.
- I am a tour leader for the Portuguese agency the, for now with three destinations: malaysia, morocco and guatemala-mexico-belize. I often say that I am a facilitator of transformational or conscious travels, from the inside to the outside. I privilege remote places for the enrichment of each individual's worldview and the expansion of social and environmental awareness. I want to offer an overview of how will it be to to travel with me an to sell this tours, indirectly, sending people to website.
- I a traveller, a hostess and storyteller, passionate about ancestral cultures, community principles and environmental and social sustainability, and I like to communicate about this, to promote awareness and change.
- I I used to be a hotel manager. I now offer consultancy services to catering and hospitality services, from concept definition to management control - to help to implement small airbnb projects and to restructure relaxed restaurants, for greater efficiency and humanism.
- I Organize events and retreats to other people, I do the logistics, from finding a place to manage reservations and holding space together with the facilitators. I want to sell this retreats and send people to the respective websites. It is my intention over time to become a facilitator of the retreats myself, of meditation, women circle, sacred sexuality dynamics, yoga, shamanism... my path goes in that direction and I look for an image already adapted to this.
My values, of the brand, are the Responsibility, Purpose, Freedom, Well-being, Passion, Discovery, Realization.
Inspiration for image:
Autumn season
Warm, intense, ambition, focus, nature, roots, organic.
Connection to Identity. Integrity. Substance, Authenticity.
Respect for the traditions and history of things, people, and cultures.
Communication of community airtrade, History. Passion and Independence.
Organisation and Practicality - lean.
The secondary station is winter - use of metal - dark golden - in combination with minimalist founts.
Color base: Earthy
Intense colors, warm, sensual and sensorial, texture and substance.
Comfort, welcoming. Like an autumn leaf that has several shades like yellow, golden, red. If it makes any sense, maybe small details of earthy blue (in the symbology of the Sea)
Sensual, Visual Universe. Organic environment, return to the source. Balance with a feminine image - for example in the fonts - or the details.
the name of the domain is
for the insta I thought of something more personal like conciouswithlili or something like that.
- €750.0

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