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Ends 26 Jul 2018

We have the design and the HTML / CSS code responsive.
We need someone to develop a new Wordpress Theme from scratch that integrates the look&feel and all the types of pages and publications we have designed.
IMPORTANT! We are wordpress developers. We are publishing this project (instead of doing it ourselves) due to problems with delivery times. But we have years of experience working with Wordpress and we want a high quality work, well structured and well finished.
Structure summary
The system must have 3 different post types. Each one has a different template and will require some customized fields to be able to store all the necessary information. The post types are: Publications/Reports; News; Events
Our page consists mainly of:
- Home
- About us
- Reports and Publications (new post type)
- Ranking
- Mentors
- News
- Events (new post type)
- Contact
You could see all the pages coded (in static HTML) here: http://www.aldelrio.com/clients/fundacioncyd/
We need the theme to be fully Wordpress compatible because we want to be able to add plugins (YOAST, etc.) and work correctly.
All the necessary functionalities that are not specifically visual (definition of new typologies, etc) should be stored in plugins.
Detailed explanation
Below I explain in a little more detail each section:
- Home (with photo slider, static welcome text and latest news, latest publications and upcoming events)
- About Us: they are two static pages, not editable
- Reports and Publications: There will be a list of each Category of the same post type (with the same template) and detail page of each cateory (report or publication). Reports and publications should allow various attachments to be associated with them to view them on the detail page, along with the text of the publication.
- Ranking: is a static page. Just create a new template with the static content
- Mentors: is a page with static text and two tabs where we must also see a series of testimonials and a list of 'mentors'. I think it can be linked to specific categories of portfolio elements to facilitate management of the mentors and testimonials.
- News: Standard posts. There will be a list of news and a detail page of each news item (with a section of 'related news', section of most popular tags, subscription form to newsletter and icons to share on social networks). The news should be able to be linked (with a custom field) to a post of type 'Event' (explained below). (When an event is over, a news news post is written telling how it was. That news must be linked to the event that was being talked about, in order to link it from the detail of the event)
- Diary (Agenda): It will be a list of publications of type 'Events', separated between those that are future and past (determined by a custom field that will have the publications of type 'Event' that will be the 'Date of celebration of the event'). It will also include a small calendar on the right with the days marked when they have an event.
- Events: Detail of each post of the post type 'event' in which there will be small differences depending on whether it is a past or future event. If it is future there will be a subscription form (it is not necessary to develop the functionality of that form, only that it is displayed). If the event is past, you must show a link to the News that is linked to it (explained a few lines before in the News section) .
- Contact form
- Site Map
- Empty template for legal texts, conditions of use, etc.

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