C# library that fetches information about people from social networks based on email and phone number

For $750 — Ends 17 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

1. A C# library that receives an email address or a phone number, and finds and retrieves information about one or more people from one or more social networks.
2. The library will define a Person class and all information will be returned as List.
3. The library will be built so that new social networks can easily be added in the future.
4. Authentication with all social networks will be saved in a database and auth information will be fetched from this database. The database part will be implemented by us, we just need you to create a mock database class that will load hard-coded auth information for the purposes of testing.
5. You will have to provide your own auth information during development. We will replace this with our own info when the code is delivered.
6. The final delivered project must include working code for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram (details regarding the information to retrieve from each network will be given once the project is awarded).
7. The final delivered product will be the complete source code in a Visual Studio 2015 solution.
8. The project will be developed using .Net 4.6.1.
9. The final project must include unit tests. - $750.0

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