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For $4,000 — Ends 9 Mar 2018 (in 5 months)

This is it!You are currently reading an advert from one of the freshest and best tech businesses in the packaging and design industry in London! Oh yes! It's true!BoxSmart is a remote business where everyone are treated like adults, suits are discarded and person life comes FIRST. That's not to say we don't work with some of the sharpest, funniest and most innovative people in the UK!The reason of the business was a GENUINE niche that all of the co-founders experience with their own brands (yes, we have many businesses between us but BoxSmart is the brain child and has been going well).[ The Role ]BoxSmart is expanding at a rapid rate and we have a massive interest from hundreds of clients. Our only issue is that we need a sales guru.Firstly, you are probably wondering "hmmm what's in it for me?". Well... Here are some of the perks1 - you will get paid, for the first three months a base amount. This will increase after a three month "are they actually better walking than talking the game" and all of us like you (we are a family and if you are to step up as a CO-FOUNDER then we need you to get on with us).2 - You commissions are awesome and range from an on target or £1000 - £4000 a month (this is achievable. This is not to bulk up this advert and make you salivate. We are a normal, upfront team of people. Which is why we are lucky to have built BoxSmart - business starts with being kind, honest and not consumed by money but by HELPING PEOPLE. Just like BoxSmart helps the little brands).3 - If you get to the three months your basic increases. If you get to six months? We make you a partner! That's right! Once you get to a stage where you meet the deliverables and also grow a team then welcome aboard!4 - You get all the incentives that you need after three months. Laptop, office (for staff). travel expenses etc.5 - You get to be part of all our other ideas and businesses (we have six between us)-- This is the part we need from you --It's really simple this part so ill put them in a list:1 - We need a NICE and KIND individual that hasn't been consumed by the evils of money and appreicates that money is the BYPRODUCT of a good job. In our case its the result of helping a business with their packaging and pouch needs. You are the kind of person that isn't conventional. That probably gets bored in those BIG corporates as you have more than one string to your bow and is questioned on promotion, not by your ability to sell but because you 'sing to the beat of your own drum'. Well? that's perfect for us! We want enigmas that want to be TRUSTED and make good money without the desk or suit!2 - You need to be good with technology - The amount of people we meet that haven't a clue in using: Emails, excel, word, Adobe. Ideally you can make websites and understand or have done social media3 - You can CLOSE business. We have a very CONVENIENT dilemma in the sales dept = We have lots of business but not enough closers! It's literally coming in from many channels we have setup from the 28 exhibitions we goto every year, online, email marketing and networking. ALL THAT IS DONE. We just need a great sales person. Being good with NUMBERS and negotiating is a MUST.4 - You are a graduate . Ideally a masters. Why? well people that study can do stuff on their own and don't need to be spoon fed. There is nothing worse than someone that deals with clients, knows what is expected, knows the targets and yet we have to chase them like a four year old.... if you don't have these qualifications then please do let us know in your covering letter/email what it is you did or do that gives you an 'engrained sense of responsibility (that's basically a polite email, instead of chucking your CV. This will be deleted incidentally as a sales guru is personable not a cv-mass-mailer).5 - you aleady have the "A-Money". The A money is the money that pays your rent etc. The "B-Money" are the extras. The 'C-Money' is the money that you invest. PEople on A-Money need not apply. This is a 'long ball' role and for someone that is in BoxSmart for the Long haul.If any of this job appeals to you?If you enjoy working with people that genuinely want to help and made money as the byproduct of great ideas that have turned into BoxSmart?If you enjoy working with highly functioning adults that do this for a PURPOSE that they can wake upto?If you enjoy working on many other idea and grow them?Then get in touch! We are listening to what you can bring to the table!Good luck everyone!AnealCeoBoxSmart

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