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General information for the app: traveling app
Kind of development: New app from scratch
Description of requirements/features: I am wanting a travelling app to be created, i have drawings of the app and how i want them to look.
The user will have a profile, that can they can go in and edit, on the profile they will have, bio, blog, social media account, photos. They will also be a around me section, where the user can swipe and chat with people around a certain mile between them.
I am also wanting a database to keep track of all the users and a management section where i can change the picture of the front cover and some of the sections to easy edit and manage it.
I am also wanting an offers page, where i can go into the management section and add new offers so that people around that area will see them and i am wanting this to be pushed out to people.
Pages that are a must
1. profile
2. around me (tinder)
3. social meida
4.offers and push out notifications
i will arrange a skype call to discuss this
this will need to be on iphone and android
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