20hrs and month trial, to help me transform more lives

For $220 — Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

I’m looking for a magical unicorn to welcome into the family, to help us serve more people. My mission is to awaken people to their potential so they can grow their impact, and I do this through coaching, public speaking, writing, and online videos, etc, and I’m looking for a Unicorn to help me.
Role: 20 hours/ month for 1 month trial. If we're both happy and it's going well, we'll extend this further and your hourly rate will increase. My hope is to grow you with the role to 40, then 80 hours/month within the next 6 months.
Flexible on the work hours as long as the work gets done and we can meet on video once a week.
Reporting & accountability: On a daily basis, I'll need an email update in short bullet forms of the following:
1: List of what was completed each day eg. created XX blog posts, optimized 2 videos, shortlisted 10 events
2: Any issues you need my help with (if you don’t know how to do something or you had difficulties)
3: Appointments that were set (if any) – bullet list of who it’s with, including contact info. What time and how we are meeting (eg: phone, skype, in person).
4. Suggestions as to how to improve something or do something faster (you will get monetary rewards for those as we agree upon the contract)
Proposed compensation: from £200 to £220 depending on skill set for the trial period. This rate will increase after successful1 month trial.
Here’s a list of daily, weekly and adhoc sort of work. Note, you will NOT be expected to do every single thing on this list during said times. These are the TYPES of tasks you’ll be covering.
Daily Work Description:
• Searching through list of PR requests and shortlisting potential ones I should respond to
• Shortlist content to upload to social media (on shared Google form)
• Schedule social media updates on Facebook & Twitter
• Research & shortlist potential questions to answer on Quora (to provide on Thursday)
• Track several websites and email bullet points and links of relevant content.
Weekly Work Description:
• Create blog post in Wordpress: title, URL customization, Youtube embed code, post content (from me, some of which needs hyperlinking), insert image and schedule publishing date as draft.
• Find royalty-free images for blog post + upload to blog
• Create simple images using CANVA for blog post
• Schedule update via Hootsuite (should be able to use same image) and ask a question to increase sharing
• Transcribe video (shoud not be verbatim, please remove ah’s and ums, and it should be punctuated + paragraph format)
• Upload transcription to Youtube
• Upload video to Youtube
• Basic keyword research in YouTube for optimizing video search results. i.e. if the video is on mindset abundance, then you’ll need to find 10-15 of the most searched for terms in YouTube (ones that are auto-suggested).
• Add keyword, content and description + insert links + upload thumbnail for Youtube
• Create a broadcast in AWEBER by uploading & format email content to email provider (you will receive training on this)
• Brainstorm blog content ideas
• Copy and set-up Eventbrite page and save to draft (you will receive training)
• Copy and paste automated emails for Eventbrite page
• Compile Google analytics data
• Look at TinyBuddha to shortlist potential questions to answer
• Keyword & topic research for blog content
• Research other blogs to contribute to : list name, email, social media handle, number of twitter followers, and suggested topics + enclose links to related content
Ad-hoc tasks:
• Research potential events to speak at
• Source and send research papers.
• Travel and meal plans
• Appointment setting in diary.
• Potential data entry of receipts (every 2 months)
• Schedule webinar dates and Zoom meetings (you will be trained)
Sharp attention to detail, accuracy, and the ability to use your initiative, are incredibly important traits. And you must use the word garlic in your proposal.
Start ASAP
THank you for your interest. Anis x

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