I need a professional leaflet producing for my fashion company

Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Information for the business: We sell Lingerie
Design details: Hi!
I'm looking for a leaflet to be produced ASAP. Will include a photo on the front which will need my logo integrated into the image, and the back will be text, images provided and my logo, will also need instagram, facebook and twitter logos sourcing to be used in the text.
Artwork Sizes For A7 Flyers
Artwork Setup Size: 7.6 cm x 10.7 cm
Finished Print Size: 7.4 cm x 10.5 cm
The starting point and most important aspect of a printing job is your design.
Making sure that your artwork file is sent across to us correctly is crucial...
Colour Format: CMYK
File Format: PSD, AI, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS
File Resolution: 300dpi
A few tips to get awesome results...
Create your artwork with the resolution at 300dpi - the larger and clearer your file is, the better the end result when printed. Please note, we don’t accept 72dpi files as they are not adequate to create a quality job.
Ensure your design is set up to the correct size and proportions (see above) - make sure you set it up to the artwork size, as this includes bleed which gets cut down to the finished size when printed.
Using contrasting colours helps to produce more vivid and eye-catching flyers - dark imagery onto a dark background just doesn't give the brightest results.
Template can be downloaded from www.awesomemerchandise.com
Target audience: Female 21-35
Number of pages needed: 2
Content on the front/back side and body: Photo, logo, text, social media links
Ideas for the visual style: Modern, cool, simple
Extra notes:

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