I want a cards game app for android

For $750 — Ends 3 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

-users should be able to chat
-users should be able to create private table
-users should be able to login with facebook or gamecenter
-multiplayer game
-no computer play needed
-if someone quits in middle of game, game will end with message..
here are the rules of my game...
Teen Do Paanch (3-2-5)
- Three players play this game.
- One player makes 5 hands, the second player has to make 3 hands and the dealer has to make 2 hands.
- There are 30 cards because out of the 52 cards, 22 are removed. Ace to seven of spades and hearts and ace to eight of clubs and diamonds form the playing 30 cards.
- Three cards, namely, 2, 3 and 5 are taken out, shuffled and then distributed. Whosoever gets the 2 becomes the dealer and has to make 2 hands. The person sitting on his/her right has to make 5 hands. The third player has to make 3 hands. In total, 10 hands are to be made.
- The player who makes 2 hands in this game will make 3 hands in the next game. Similarly, the player who makes 5 hands in this game will deal and make 2 hands in the next.
- Each player gets 10 cards. 5 cards are distributed to each player in two rounds. The player who has to make 5 hands declares the trump from those 5 cards. If the player is not comfortable with declaring the trump from those 5 cards, he/she can open a random card from the next 5 cards that he/she would get and that suit becomes the trump for that particular game.
- The player who has to make 5 hands starts the game. The aim is to make more and more hands.
- At the end of the game, if a player makes more hands than he/she is supposed to, he/she has the right to pull those many cards from the other 2 players. - $750.0

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