Front End Consultant Angular BootStrap Bangalore, India

For $750 — Ends 3 Mar 2018 (in 5 months)

We invite application for consultants for our Bangalore office on following skill sets. Please fill in your skill set details in following table.
Rating Out of 5
CSS Flex
Angular-5 Material
Angular-5 TypeScript
Materialize CSS
NG BootStrap
Angular Directives
Photoshop Slicing Experience
Linkedin URL
Facebook URL
Total IT Experience
College Degree Name
College Degree Year
1 Don't Know / Heard of it Never used in any project
2 Have used in one project
3 Have used in More than three projects
4 Have used in more than five projects
5 Super expert! Can create own
Angular framework using fundamentals HTML/CSS/JS
- $750.0

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