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For $450 — Ends 26 Jul 2018

The software is eating the world. Every day there's a new dent in the universe... a new tech product that changes how things are done. However, If you look closely most of the products are not market standards and give a far worse experience than the leading once. The world needs better products! Most of the businesses struggle to build quality software. This is because hiring is costly and outsourcing to IT development shops gives a substandard quality. There's no mission-driven work anywhere in most IT cos.   IT outsourcing is a $450 Bn Industry. Although being such a gigantic industry, it is catching rust because of commoditised IT shops and fragmented market.  On the other side, There's a great amount of amazing talent that is underutilized or is badly matched. Most of the talent is rotting in office while thinking about making that trip to satisfy their wanderlust. Where's freedom and fulfillment? Indiez is a hassle-free and reliable platform for businesses to get high-quality software built. We take projects and delivers them via our community of top class software talent and partner agencies. Fulfillment is guaranteed by Indiez. We have helped brands like Uber, Domino's, Mckinsey and Company, Aditya Birla, Make my Trip and many such esteemed companies build amazing products. We’ve been featured in TechCrunch and was awarded as top 5 startups in India by TechinAsia. Content has been the key to our growth. Our co-founder was the top writer on Medium under ‘Startup’, ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Business’ category. Some of our blogs have received thousands of reads and shares. Check them out here - https://hackernoon.com/9-things-that-i-learnt-from-the-most-successful-serial-entrepreneurs-6f6680e72429https://hackernoon.com/7-minute-read-to-save-100-000-on-your-app-idea-2d17db675a1Interested in building software for the world while changing the way we work? Keep reading. Check us out at www.indiez.io Apply by filling this form - https://airtable.com/shrxZirgNaZzSY52B
You'll be responsible for: - Defining the brand voice and tone
- Building a strong brand
- Crafting our content strategy and implementing across all our communications.
- Pitch content and marketing ideas for blogs, videos
- Creating Content
- Blog Posts, Case Studies, Emails.  
- Hiring and managing relevant freelancers if required.
What we're looking for?
- Belief in a world where everyone will be working from anywhere, anytime and on things that they like. #futureofowork - A knack for writing quality content
- Proven track record of helping companies build strong brand connections by communicating well
- Knowledge of SEO and analytics
- Ambitious and can be a torchbearer of the movement.
- Bonus points if you’ve built a significant following for yourself through blogging or social media
- Ability to write content better than what we have been writing.
- Focus on Quality over Quantity
Job Perks
The ability to work from wherever you want. Whether you prefer traveling and working from exotic beaches or spending time with your family and working from home, the choice is yours.
Fully paid, off-sites across the world. Indonesia, Mexico, Srilanka… Anywhere.
Invitations to frequent Indiez events going on around the world, including dinners, tech talks, conferences, and more. Extremely competitive compensation.
A chance to be a superhero!

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