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Ends 26 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Industry: Business
Target audience: MLM
Kind of design: Facebook cover
Design details: I need a cover done for a Facebook page for an MLM company. Basically we are going to use this page to teach people how to market MLM.
I need this done very quickly.
The page is called 'Bee Academy' this is the text. I have attached logos for Bee to Bee which is our main company. The logos must be featured in the design.
Learn MLM From the Experts:
* Free MLM Email Marketing Tutorials
* Free Social Media Marketing Blueprints
* How To Make Money Blogging
* How To Run Webinars
Your down line is about to grow very quickly!
Welcome to The Bee Academy
Ideas for the visual style: Something empowering.
Extra notes:

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