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Ends 26 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I am looking for a photographer for approximately 4 hours to take freestyle professional shoots in various locations in central London UK. (because of this ideally you'll likely just need a very good camera and a stand of sorts..
Because we have to move about if you have a portable light maybe that can help.
The photos will be indoors & some out doors within London (it will be fairly central) we will be in a cab for a few rides...
The purpose of these are for my websites and blogging page.. I also will include my social media.
We will have a break in between and also note I will change outfits at least 4-5 times
I need a flexible and an all round kind of person not rigid and fixated on their own ways. Someine outgoing and likes London and photography as their input is welcome.
Hope to shoot on a sunny day (April)
Let me know if more info required.
If this is a success which I am hoping (& you're a videographer too.... I will book you on the next project which will be video & editing)

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