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Link: http://venkatnagaram.com/fbapi/ ( Just Html Flow to understand purpose ).
1. Facebook Authentication. (Screen1, Screen2 ).
2. After user accept Need to get Ad Accounts if he has. User has to select one Account (Screen 3).
3. After user selection Need to save user details name, mail, id, pic, Ad Account id. Based on Ad Account Id need to fetch Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads data. (need to get ad insights day wise from starting to till data). All data has to save in MongoDB. (Screen4).
4. Need to display all data by Campaigns, Ad Set, Ads data in dashboard. Data has to display day/week/month/lifetime or user selected time line same like Facebook.
Main Work.
Need to save & display Facebook Ads data by day/week/month/year/lifetime or user selected dates like in Facebook.
If you have any doubts, let me know i will explain.

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