I need google sheets created

Ends 25 Jul 2018

I and a few other employees run a social media group. I am in charge of making all members of the group interact with each other.
What we do is take 100 members in the group and assign each 3 people within to group to each member to interact with.
We want to make a google sheet that assigns 3 people within to group to each member randomly.
Then once this is complete , we have to contact each member and tell them which people they have assigned to them. This second task can be very time consuming for one person.
Therefore, we want to somehow make sheets for each employee that has their assigned members to contact to complete the task faster. Also if it is possible to send sms text or twitter dm through the google sheet that would be great. similar to how you are able to send emails through google sheet
We have attached a template of how we want the google sheet to look.

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