Project for Saurabh Kumar S

For $30 — Ends 23 Jun 2018 (in 2 days)

we agree this stepstone:
1. pls make like this, that we can set the links in wordpress
2. pls set these links:
3. pls follow the instruction in the the files:
jesper_social media 1.png
jesper_social media 2.png
jesper_social media 3.png
4. right now is only one picture in the search tool. The original order was, that eveery region has his own picture. Right now we have 3 regions: Valencia, Alicante, Mallorca
but we show only the Valencia picture. I will send you the picture for Alicante and Mallorca. Pls integrate it, that when the people choose Mallorca region, that the mallorca picture will come.
- $30.0

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