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For $9 — Ends 20 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I'm looking for someone to manage my Facebook campaign.
I'm currently running a Social Media campaign for one of my lead generation websites, IVA-Advice(dot)co. I've been running the campaign for over a year now and had relative success, but I'm at a point where I need to scale it and look to reduce the CPAs. My experience is limited is Social Media and PPC and I don't feel I have the knowledge to take it forward, so I'm looking for someone I can outsource the management to.
Budget is around $1,000 per day, current CPAs are around $35 - $70, but I need to get this down the $25 max (I was getting CPAs of $9 at one point but I just can't seem to get back there).
In terms of Ads, I've tested loads and I think the creatives that I have are the best in terms of conversions, its the optimization I'm stuck with and the audiences.
I'm looking for a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED SOCIAL MEDIA GURU who can get hold of this and optimize it properly and get the CPAs down.
You must have a proven track record of social media management and be able to display results from current/previous campaigns.
Lots of scope for expansion and campaigns for our other products for the right person.

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