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For $30,000 — Ends 19 Aug 2018 (in 5 days)

We are a full service online marketing agency that focuses on high-ticket clients.
What we offer our clients is a full package that will not only take them to the first pages of Google, they will also get automated lead funnels with the highest conversion rate, the lowest cost per acquisition, and the best social media marketing money can get.
Now we want to expand world wide and are looking for the top sales people out there.
All going well, this is a long term partnership with many opportunities for the best sales people. If you are successful, we are successful, and we are going to share the rewards.
The role is commission based. You can make income in two ways:
1. Sell Monthly Management Plans
If a lead signs up for a monthly management plan, you will get 10% of the monthly fee each month. At around $2500 to $5000 per client, so you can make a great monthly income from every client that you convert. The more you convert, the bigger is your monthly paycheck.
- You will get paid as long as we get paid, which is 24-36 months on average.
2. Sell One-Off Packages
If a client gets a web and online marketing package, you will get 20% of the total. These are in the region of $10.000 plus, so each converted lead nets at least $2.000 in your pocket.
3. If you recruit your own team of sales people, you will get 10% of every sale that they make.
If each of them gets a sales team below them, you will get 1% of those sales.
Everything is uncapped, so you can make as much money as you want and can handle.
4. The top performing sales people of the quarter will get incentives, bonuses, including free holidays in the caribbean, a Rolex, etc., and other fantastic opportunities:
We are serious about expanding around the globe, and YOU can play a leading role in our organisation. We want the most ambitious people. And the best of the best will not only be offered a long term position, but there is also the opportunity that you will run your own branded office in your country.
We are a group of businesses, and there will be more, and bigger opportunities for people with entrepreneurial spirit.
If you think you have what it takes to build something great together with us, get in touch, start your message with "I have what it takes", and tell us why you are the best of the best.
Again, please note, this is a commission only based role. You will be paid for each lead that converts. Please don't apply if you don't agree with these terms. - €30000.0

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